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Giving Back to Health & Social Care – Philanthropy Can Start Small – Can’t It?

As a small, new business, and I value the community in which I live, the country in which the business, Well Heeled Ltd., is based and the support that has been given as the business develops and grows.

As the business owner and sole director, I’ve been lucky enough to have worked across health and social care sectors and to see, and be part of, the hard work and stresses that are just ‘part of the job’ for many.  This may have been as a care assistant within learning disability services or within the NHS and Social Services as a nursing assistant – right through to qualified social worker and educator within health and social care.  I never forget the journey that I have been on to where I am today, and how my business draws upon the values, morals and skills I have learned over the many years within those services but also from working with amazing people and supporting individuals through their health and social care journey.

Even though the business is in its early stages of life, I never want it to lose touch with the core components of health and social care with which I have been so respectful of throughout my career – building trust, being open, person centered and so much more.  That’s why I will aim to give back to the services and people that mean so much to us all within health and social care.  It may only be a small amount to start with but as the business grows, I hope the nature of the gifts/donations can grow too.  I will be looking for stories within the sector and randomly supporting them with a small donation of varying amounts that can be afforded.

Well Heeled needs to keep the values what makes health and social care so great in this country and, indeed, around the world.

Well Heeled may only be a small business but there is no reason why it can’t be part of something bigger.  It will never be a business grown by the likes of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, but it (and I) will aim to make it a philanthropic venture as it grows – sharing it’s success and all levels of growth.  Well Heeled does not just mean being “Well off” in terms of money, but also in terms of well being.  For our Well Heeled that means starting with diabetic socks and more in the future – but also by little monetary or other gifts that can make others feel ‘Well Heeled’ too.

Anthony Green – Director of Well Heeled Ltd.

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