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Well Heeled diabetic socks have been made with your comfort in mind.  Designed for all individuals, from those diagnosed with diabetes and at more risk of foot injury, to individuals that just want that extra stretch in their socks.  Well Heeled is a small UK business.  Please read our information below for more information on our socks.

Sustainable Yarn

Our diabetic and comfort socks use Coolmax™ Ecomade yarns to help with product sustainability and recycling. As well as using recycled materials for product packaging.

Developed with Podiatrists

The ShapedUp diabetic and comfort sock has been developed in conjunction with the Royal College of Podiatry and profession, registered podiatrists. Feedback has helped to develop the design and diabetic suitability

Designed in the UK

The ShapedUp diabetic sock has been designed in the UK and produced with our global partners. Working closely with UK and international businesses to produce the finest products

Well Heeled Diabetic Sock Specifications

Thoughtful Design

Comfort Ribbing & Wide Cuff

The comfort ribbing allows for easy stretch and less restriction, aiding blood circulation.

Coolmax Technology EcoMade Yarns

Using state of the art yarn technology by Coolmax, the Ecomade is sustainable and recycled, giving comfort but also environmental protection.

Smooth Toes and Cushioned Sole

The smooth toe & cushioned sole helps to relieve pressure on the sole of the foot and toe area, which are vulnerable areas for some

From Concept to Design in 3 Steps

Well Heeled Diabetic Sock Sketch
Well Heeled Diabetic Sock Mid design
Well Heeled Diabetic Sock Final

Our Diabetic & Comfort Socks was designed as a consequence of finding lack of suitable products for our own loved ones and to support their living with diabetes.

Design Feedback

Designed using feedback from those that wear diabetic and comfort socks, the ShapedUp sock by Well Heeled has been research and developed with you in mind.

Quality materials

Finally, produced from high-quality materials using expert sock manufactures, the ShapedUp diabetic and comfort sock is made to last, be comfortable and give you added protection.

Well Heeled

Diabetic Socks come with 3 Pairs per Pack

The ShapedUp diabetic and comfort socks are sold in packs of 3 pairs to give you extra value and to make sure you always have a pair spare! We have not compromised on quality and you get great socks at a great price.

What others say about our Diabetic Socks

The ShapedUp diabetic so from Well Heeled has been tried and tested and I’m happy to say it is more than suitable for the intended use! I would happily recommend this in a professional capacity.

Testimonial well heeled blue
A JonesRegistered Podiatrist

This has been the sock I’ve been looking for! So many have been uncomfortable and don’t last – this is amazing to wear and will be buying more!

Testimonial well heeled yellow
R PhillipsAmazon

I can’t recommend this enough. I have tried all kinds of socks that just don’t live up to what they say…..these are different!

Testimonial well heeled orange
C FormbyDiabetic User

Working With Others

Well Heeled has been working with others to ensure that the products developed, the ShapedUp Diabetic Sock, are fit for purpose and of the best quality.  This includes working with the Royal College of Podiatry registered podiatrists, gaining valuable feedback to help develop a product we are proud of.  Well Heeled has also been working with local and national patient support groups to have the product tested and further feedback for us to work with to make the product even better.  We are always looking for ways to improve on the overall design of the product and future innovation.