Diabetic Socks: A Guide to Comfort and Health

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What exactly are the best diabetic socks, and how can they help?

Why may someone that is diagnosed with diabetes require or choose to wear diabetic socks? What is the link to diabetes itself?  Diabetes itself is, generally, a lifelong condition, that causes blood sugars to become too high.  When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, there can be further diabetic-related complications with bodily functions – such as peripheral neuropathy, cardiovascular disease and infections.  These infections and subsequent issues, can, of course, affect the foot and leg regions.

In the more serious of cases, foot and leg problems, such as ulcers, can lead to amputations.  In fact, more than 60 percent of non-traumatic lower-limb amputations in the United States alone occur among people with diabetes (Source – Diabetes Caucus) and in the UK, more than 6,000 occupations are carried out every year according to Diabetes UK.

Diabetic socks can help to reduce the risk of infections or foot and leg blisters for some people.  They can also help to keep the feet warm in winter and cool in summer, helping feet to keep dry and aired to further minimize the risk of infection.   The Well Heeled™ designed diabetic sock could help to achieve all of this and more and has been designed in conjunction with the Royal College of Podiatry.

Unfortunately, there are no official guidelines on when the term ‘diabetic’ may be used in conjunction with a sock design.  That’s why Well Heeled has been working in conjunction with the Royal College of Podiatry, registered podiatrists and real product users, those that actually understand, work with and live with diabetes, and ShapedUp® design diabetic sock has been developed with the end-user, the customer, in mind first and foremost.

Diabetic socks can be found with a combination of materials like bamboo, others with silver or copper wires, etc. These materials have the great advantage of being much more absorbent than a normal sock and also have natural properties that help fight fungi and bacteria. This way you can keep your feet dry and free from infections and odours.

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What are the main properties of the Well Heeled socks?

The welt (or cuff) is non-tight to ensure there is plenty of stretch around the top of the sock. This ensures optimal comfort and slight grip to prevent the sock from falling but not being constrictive and so not stopping blood flow to and from the leg and foot.

The comfort ribbing on the top half of the sock helps to further stabilise the gentle hold on the leg area but in a way where they leg can still stretch and breath. The horizontal nature of this ribbing runs in parallel with the leg shape (up and down) rather than gripping around the leg like other socks.

The cushioned sole also aids comfort and aids the bottom of the foot without being intrusive nor causing rubbing, and could help prevent further injury to the foot area.

The hand linked toe seams help to reduce the friction that other socks can cause when seams are more prominent. The design can also help prevent the toes from being squeezed together and building up moisture.

Quality, comfortable and sustainable yarns. The high cotton content has been added to with Lycra® (elastane) to aid flexibility but also to ensure comfort and softness as well as breathability.  This material also has excellent moisture wicking performance that helps to remove excess moisture away from the skin – something that is very important to help reduce the risk of infection.

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Why buy Well Heeled?

There is no ‘one’ perfect diabetic socks. At Well Heeled we would love to make the claim that our diabetic sock is the ‘best’ but we won’t and shouldn’t. Why? Well because it may not be the right sock for you! Like anything in life, one thing may not suit all people – that’s the same with diabetic socks or just socks in general. We would love you to love our diabetic sock, but equally it’s very important that you choose the right sock for your needs. The ‘best’ diabetic socks are the ones that meet your needs, make you feel comfortable, but most of all are the ones you are happy with.

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