A Well Heeled Q & A with the founders of PodiPedia

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Who are PodiPedia?

PodiPedia is an information website and a directory of UK Podiatrists.

Why did you form PodiPedia?

Podiatrists Sam Chidwick and Emma Price have both worked in the profession for many years and had realised how much inaccurate and poor quality information is available online about foot and lower limb injuries and problems. This information can sometimes even be dangerous and harmful.

They made it their mission to start putting together a website providing clear, simple and good quality information, and through doing this, realised that there was also a need for a directory of qualified and registered Podiatrists (foot and lower limb specialists) in the UK so that the public have a fast and safe way to find an expert near them.

Thanks! So how can folk find out more?

If you want to learn more about foot, ankle and lower limb conditions, medical conditions that can affect the feet, such as Diabetes, footwear, running, sports injuries and much more, then head to podipedia.co.uk

About Me

Founder of Well Heeled - I have a great interest in diabetes and the effect on those diagnosed as well as those around them. With over 20 years in health and social care, as a qualified social worker and as a passionate educator within the health and social care sector, I wanted to bring further information to others around diabetes and other issues.

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