Childhood Obesity Linked to Pandemic

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Research finds childhood obesity linked to pandemic

The risk of childhood diabetes, within the UK and most probably worldwide, could be on the increase since the pandemic took hold, due to the rise in obesity. The risk of diabetes, of course, has long been a known link to those whom may be overweight and The National Child Measurement Programmer figures, published 16th November 2021, shown one of the biggest increases to date.

Before the pandemic, there was found to be a gradual increase anyway, but since the pandemic there has been the biggest increase recorded since 2006, when records through the programme started. Those living within more deprived areas are more likely (double the risk) to be affected by obesity issues according to the programmes data.

There have, of course, been Government and local led initiatives to tackle growing obesity problems, both child and adult alike, in the past but now the Government plans to provide weight loos treatment clinics, 15 in all, across the country to help tackle this growing problem in children. Said clinics will be run by the NHS and will, initially, run as a pilot scheme.

More about the aforementioned clinics can be found within this link – NHS Specialist Obesity Clinics.

We know that the link between obesity and diabetes is an ever present risk, but this worrying news further highlights the growing concerns that are currently presented alongside the other social and medical issues as a direct result of the pandemic.

It will be interesting to see further developments of these clinics although 15, I believe, does not go far enough. As this is a pilot, and if successful, I believe such clinics need to be offered much more widely across the UK.

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