Foot Pain with Diabetes

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What is it like to have Foot Pain with Diabetes?

Foot pain with diabetes is not uncommon. Many people can develop issues in the leg and foot are when they are diagnosed with diabetes. This can range from general discomfort caused by blisters or rubbing to more serious issues such as diabetic neuropathy – chronic tingling, pain and numbness in the foot area although can also affect other parts of the body too. You can read more about diabetic neuropathy here.

What does Foot Pain with Diabetes Feel Like

As with any foot pain, diabetic foot pain can be aggravating and, of course, uncomfortable. It could be a sharp pain that shoots around the foot and leg area and can be experienced alongside other symptoms such as:

Tingling or numbness (such as pins and needles)
Loss of feeling or less sensitivity in the foot and toe regions
Pain when trying to walk or use the foot that can lead to further pain and discomfort

Foot pain, with or without diabetes, should always be dealt with in a professional way. In other words, you should be seeking official medical and professional advice for any health-related problems, including foot pain with diabetes. A diabetic specialist should be giving you advice and support on how to control your diabetes in the first place. Part of this support should include foot care advice or, at least, how to ensure you are able to recognise any issues in the foot or leg area. You may also be asked to see another specialist, such as a professional that deals with nerve pain for example.

There may be recommended footwear or medication that would be suitable for your needs and, again, this should be recommended or checked with your specialist. At Well Heeled we have our own diabetic socks which you may wish to consider too.

Having diabetes does mean you could be more likely to develop foot problems which can lead to the foot pain discussed above. Understanding your diabetes, symptoms and support mechanisms can help you to avoid or reduce the foot pain you’re experiencing, in conjunction with working alongside the aforementioned professionals of course.

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We also have more in-depth articles in our blog posts so please do check those out. If you are living with foot pain caused by diabetes and would like to share your thoughts, then please do leave your comments below. We always love hearing from our readers and especially when you can give your own insight or advice.

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